David Agius – Canine Nutritionist.

Accredited Animal Nutritionist & Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation Practitioner Member.

Custom Raw Feeding Meal Plans and

Canine Nutrition Consultations.

G’day and welcome to team #feedyourdogbetter!

I am your personal canine nutritionist and will help you get the most out of whole foods for your canine family member:-)

I like to keep things simple, affordable and easy to understand. It is my absolute passion sharing how nutritional balance can be achieved through feeding whole foods, thus I keep my prices reasonable and don’t charge people ridiculous amounts.

I know that if you’re interested in nutrition for your canine family member you share the same passion as I have and whether you are transitioning to whole foods or are a veteran raw feeder, I welcome you to the real food revolution. Below is some information on the packages that I offer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on social media or on my contact form.

Meal Plans & Consultation Packages.

Helping you #feedyourdogbetter through whole foods.

All services include my All Natural Diet Plan eBook which covers transitioning, how nutritional balance is achieved and FAQs. All purchases are processed via PayPal, following which I will send you a questionnaire with all the information I need to formulate your custom meal plan. As soon as you fill it out and send it back, I will be ready to get to work!

Custom Canine Meal Plan

This package consists of a customised, balanced meal plan tailored to your dog’s individual needs. This includes the total amount of food I recommend your dog consume each day, meal timing and a breakdown of all the nutrients covered in the diet.

I balance all meals as close to National Research Council nutrient requirements for dogs.

You are set up with three example recipes utilising 3 different protein sources which are completely rotatable. I will also show you how to create your very own balanced meals using your dog’s determined nutrient requirements.

These are balanced meal plans that both my clients and I have used for optimal health and wellbeing of our canine companions. The meal plans are made to be flexible so you can rotate in your own meats and substitutes. I am happy to help you with substitutions if you wish.

The meal plan that I will formulate for you will be based on your answers to the questionnaire that I send following purchase. I can also formulate the menu according to food sources available in your area, as I cater to pet parents all over the world.

If you have any questions before purchasing please don’t hesitate to ask. Note: Additional dogs $35 each – available after checkout.

Canine Nutrition Consultation

1 hour phone, skype or in-person canine nutrition consultation.

Whether you are feeding commercial foods, home cooked or raw – I am able to analyse your dog’s current diet, notify you of any nutrient gaps, make adjustments and suggest areas for you to improve.

One consultation is usually enough to get a clear idea of what direction you will need to take next in your dog’s nutrition journey.

A questionnaire will be sent after purchase so I can get good understanding of your goals before we begin our consultation.

Consultations are strictly for dietary advice only. They do not a replace veterinary advice. If you wish to consult with a proffessional who can help your dog with an illness or disease – contact me for a referral.

Moving Forward

If you’re ready to begin and want to start seeing the results from whole foods, please select an option from above that best suits your needs. Not sure whether you need a custom meal plan or just a consultation? Please let me know and I will help you decide depending on what stage you’re at with feeding whole foods to your dog.


Once you have chosen your desired option, you will be able to complete payment via PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now button. After payment I will email you my questionnaire that contains all the information I’ll need to start. Send back the completed questionnaire and I will get to work 🙂 I ask for 2-3 days to complete the custom canine meal plans as everything is formulated specifically for your canine companion. Canine Nutrition consultations will be booked within 7-14 days via phone, skype or in person if you are local.

If you have any questions whatsoever don’t hestitate to contact me 🙂

With you in good health with your dogs,

David Agius